MedLab2020, in keeping with the core values of Service, Quality, Integrity and
Teamwork, complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,
HIPAA Privacy Rule, ensures the right of all patients to have their Protected Health
Information (PHI ) and other personal information, records, data, etc.) secure from
unauthorized viewing, use and disclosures. We further believe that all Associates of
the organization should have the same right of confidentiality regarding their
personal data, records and information.
In order to safeguard these rights and abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, appropriate
individuals may view, use, or disclose patient or Associate information only in the
performance of their job, or only after obtaining written consent/authorization by
such individual. Any unauthorized viewing, use or disclosure of such information by
any employee will result in corrective action up to and including termination of
employment. Any violation by other individuals will be reported to their employer
and may result in loss of access to such information regardless of employment
When in doubt as to whether or not information should be viewed, obtained or
released, it is your responsibility to discuss the matter with your immediate
supervisor before the viewing or release of PHI occurs.
By logging into this system, I acknowledge being informed of this statement of
confidentiality and MedLab2020 commitment to HIPAA privacy and the treatment
and handling of PHI and agree to abide by the requirements of this statement.
Furthermore I understand that any and all activities performed on any technical asset of Medlab2020 may be monitored or logged.